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We are very excited to announce that we are now live in the Yext App Directory, allowing any Yext customer to easily create a bot for Facebook Messenger that finds nearby store locations. Combine this with Octane AI's existing ecommerce features to allow customers to browse products, get personalized product recommendations and shop online, and you just may have the perfect shopping companion 😊

The Kiehl's bot is our flagship customer for this app. Message Kiehl's on Facebook to easily find a list of nearby stores by sending your location or entering your zip code. Tap on a store to get directions through Google maps. You can even ask the Kiehl's bot for personalized product recommendations to make your in-store visit as helpful as possible.



For Yext busineses this allows them to increase foot traffic to their stores while also providing a great user experience for their customers.  Check it out on the Yext app directory! We'd love to hear what you think and stay tuned for more features building out the future of conversational commerce. 

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