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If you’ve been on Messenger for a few weeks now and are wondering what you can do to keep your channel feeling fresh and inviting, well then, we’ve got a few tricks for you.

Let’s edit the main event: your menu!



There are two types of Main Menu items that arrive pre-installed with your bot: the Share menu item and the Notifications menu item. These are great for giving your Messenger base an opportunity to share your content, and for giving people options for following/unfollowing your content.

What they DON’T do is provide an option for people who visit your menu to explore or interact with your content. So try the tricks below to trick-out your Main Menu!


Trick #1: Introduce yourself

You don’t often strike up a conversation with someone without introducing yourself first, do you? (OK you might...but stick with us here.) Then why would you do it in a chat app like Messenger?



If you’ve already setup your Welcome Message to introduce yourself to new Messenger visitors, that’s great! But some folks won’t see your Welcome Message because they’ve accessed your channel via a direct link to a Convo. And those folks might have some digging around to do in your menu after they’ve viewed that Convo. So make sure to shake their hand (metaphorically) while they’re wandering around in there.

If you’ve got an eponymous brand or you represent the face of your brand, setting up a quick introductory menu item is a no-brainer! Shoot a quick video saying hi to your fans on Messenger, pop it in a Convo, and stick that Convo front and center in your Main Menu using the Custom menu item for anyone to find at any time. Bang--done.

On the other hand, you may represent a huge, well-known international brand, but that brand is not well-known and established yet on Messenger. To get your fans and customers pumped and ready to interact with you on this new channel, consider setting up a very short Convo that tells your audience why you’re here and what they can expect. And again--keep that Convo nice and sticky at the beginning of your menu with the Custom menu item.


Trick #2: Install the Messages Inbox

We know what you’re wondering...the Messages Inbox? Isn’t everything on Messenger a message??

Why, yes…



The Messages feature is named as such because it gives your audience an opportunity to type messages out to you themselves, instead of tapping a reply button like they usually would do in most Messenger interactions.

The cool thing about the Messages Inbox is that it instructs your users how to send a message to you in order to make sure that message is read, AND it notifies you whenever you receive a new message so you can respond to it in a timely manner. Think of it like the Contact page on your website, but for your bot.

So if you want to give your Messenger presence a personal touch and an option for some old-fashioned, human-to-human communication, setup the Messages Inbox in your Main Menu today.


Trick #3: Highlight your most helpful Convo

When you describe your Messenger bot to someone, what’s one of the first things you say?



Do you tell that person about the product finder you created? The interactive FAQ you designed? The how-to’s you wrote? The data you’ve been collecting? The sales you’ve been promoting?

There are a lot of cool things you can do with Convos on Messenger, and chances are, you’ve already identified one or two of those things and tried them out. To keep those experiments going and maximize your exposure, try using the Custom menu item once again to highlight your best Convo work in your Main Menu.

Finally, if you’re looking for inspiration on some sweet new things you can test out via Convos in your menu, check out these articles on Forms and Locations and consider setting up a Convo for one of those that you can leave in your menu for discovery. 🕵
















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