How to Get More Facebook Messenger Followers

If you’ve written your first Convo (congratulations, btw 🥂) and you’re wondering how you get more eyes to view it, read on! Below are six quick and simple ways to spread the news about your brand’s Facebook Messenger bot.

#1 Comment Capture

It looks just like a regular Facebook post,’s so much more. Convert Facebook commenters into Messenger followers with a fast and easy Comment Capture post. Learn More

#2 Share on Social Media

 Some of the world’s largest ecommerce and entertainment brands have shared a Convo link on Facebook or Twitter. Have you? Start sparking conversation through social media shares today.  Learn More

#3 Promote With Facebook Ads

Need a larger reach than your current social media base? Set up an ad through Facebook that will attract your target audience and send them straight to your Messenger channel. 🏎 Learn More

#4 Website Capture

Want to help your website visitors make more informed buying decisions? Install a popup or button on your site that will guide website visitors directly to your helpful Convos. 📲 Learn More

#5 Join Messenger's Discover tab

Let 1.3 billion active users come to YOU by submitting your bot to Messenger's Discover tab. You'll choose which section your bot is featured in, provide a short description, and select the search terms that will help tons of new Messenger users find you. 🔦 Learn More

#6 Messenger Codes

Bridge real-world experiences with digital ones by printing a copy of your Convo’s Messenger Code for fans to unlock. With one physical scan of your Code, IRL fans and customers become followers of your Messenger content. 🔓 Learn More

There you have it! Try these techniques for securing more eyeballs on your Messenger content.

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