Email drip campaigns are proven to work for ecommerce businesses. Now you can leverage Facebook Messenger drip campaigns to make even more sales. If you care about your bot and want it to live a long and prosperous life, it’s time to kick your messaging strategy up a tiny notch. ⏫

Luckily for you, there’s a simple way to elevate your Messenger strategy while feeding your bot with the kind of information it needs to survive. That simple solution is Drip Campaigns.

Keep reading for the rundown on how Drip Campaigns will re-energize your bot (and boost your business’s bottom line)!

#1 With Drip Campaigns, your bot will nurture leads

If you’re currently using Drip Campaigns via email to coax fans and customers toward a buying decision, then you know just how powerful those carefully-timed touchpoints can be.

Without advanced targeting used in conjunction with Drip Campaigns, your bot won’t know how to separate a lead 👀 from a customer 🛍 from an evangelist 🙌.

Why is this super important?

Read on...

#2 With Drip Campaigns, your bot will provide relevant content

If your bot can’t tell which of its followers are buying from you/engaged with you versus those that just aren’t yet, well, that means it’s not providing relevant content to a huge portion of your base.

Let’s pretend that your bot promotes a store that sells pet products, and the store is having a 15% off sale on cat toys. 😺

Do you think if you sent a message out to ALL your bot followers about this 15% off sale on cat toys, that all of them would care?

It’s actually extremely unlikely that everyone who follows the pet store bot cares about this 15% off sale on cat toys. Some of those people care very deeply about their cats, their cat’s toys, and saving money on cat toys. Other people are halfway sort-of interested in all of those things. And some people haven’t even caught on yet that they are following your bot, but they did at one point visit your store, put a fish bowl in their cart, and later abandon it.

If you’re not separating these people and targeting them accordingly through Drip Campaigns, then you’re missing an opportunity to provide content to your fans that they actually want to consume and enjoy.

This matters because...

#3 With Drip Campaigns, your bot will lose less followers

Continuing with our pet store example: if you had sent the 15% off cat toys message out to all pet store bot followers, there is a HUGE chance that all those people shopping for fish bowls just unfollowed your bot.

How come?

Because your bot didn’t understand that person’s needs. It couldn’t identify that that person was a lead and not a cat toy buyer. It’s only natural they’d opt-out of further messages from you, because you haven’t proven to them you understand them and their content needs.

giphy (31)

Hope is not lost...

#4 With Drip Campaigns, your bot will gain more loyal followers

On the other hand! ✋

If you DO begin targeting your followers accordingly, and sending out drips of relevant content to them, you will begin to transform meh followers into die-hard loyal bot fans.

giphy (32)

Everyone, regardless if they are a frequent cat toy buyer or a fish bowl bargain shopper, loves 💓 to feel validated and rewarded for their interests and buying decisions. Sending segmented drips helps your followers feel like you understand them and appreciate them, and they’ll be happy to reward you back for it with long-term loyalty.

And if you need more convincing...

#5 With Drip Campaigns, your bot will convert better

Once you start delivering relevant content to the right people at the right time, you’ll be amazed to see astronomical climbs in your read rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

You’re already at an advantage by having a bot on Messenger, since you’re providing a uniquely personalized experience to your fans and customers.

But with targeted, well-timed messages dripping their way into your follower’s phones, you can get ready for, oh, just 3x the amount of click-throughs you would’ve gotten without using drips.

giphy (33)

Also, though...

#6 With Drip Campaigns, your bot will learn from your followers

From the very first Drip Campaign you send out on Messenger, your bot begins to learn new information about its followers.

It will learn how many people opened the message, whether they clicked-through, if they bought anything, how much they bought, when they bought it, and even whether they clicked “certainly” or “yassss” when the bot asked them if they were happy 😊 with the purchase.

All of this information (and waaay too much more to list), allows you AND your bot to gain insights on the behavior, interests, and buying habits of your base.

How this helps you…

#7 With Drip Campaigns, your bot will speak more clearly

Once your bot knows what your customers are up to and the kind of language they gravitate toward, it can begin to speak to your fans more confidently and clearly.

giphy (34)

Your bot will begin to cut through the noise on your followers’ phones when it not only provides valuable messaging, but does so at the perfect time and with just the right verbal and visual touch.

And that means what exactly...

#8 With Drip Campaigns, your bot will form a trusting relationship with your followers

If your bot has begun to discover what your followers like, when they like it, how they talk about it, and delivers messages accordingly, that’s an exceptional service your customers can count on.

Consumers are eager to align with brands that they can trust, and through drip campaigns, you can create an automated friend who conveys and captures that trust for you. a nutshell…?

#9 With Drip Campaigns, your bot will make you more money

giphy (35)

No joke--according to MarTech, businesses with Drip Campaigns generate 80% more sales while saving 33% in costs. 😳 And the statistics for Messenger drips (as opposed to email) are even higher.

We know you get it by now, but it bears succinct repeating:

Drip Campaigns will feed your bot the information it needs to provide your customers with a personal marketing experience that is proven to increase sales.

So start changing your bot’s life for the better with Drip Campaigns stat! Your customers and your revenue stream will thank you.  

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