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With our new A/B testing capabilities, you can easily test different calls-to-action, images, widget placement, discounts or widget styles. Based on the results, you can display the highest converting option to site visitors. 

Your Brand's Audience is Unique

When visitors arrive on your store's site, the messaging and tools that best encourage them to become a subscriber or customer are unique. While there are a number of opt-in tools to provide customers with pop-ups, checkboxes, or targeted campaigns, the ability to iterate on the most effective opt-in tools for your audience is invaluable.

Visitors for each brand will respond differently to opt-in tools encouraging them to subscribe to the site they're visiting.

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With Octane AI, you now have the ability with Octane AI to A/B test the opt-in tools on your site, and the destination for quick replies created. 

Find The Most Effective Opt-In Tools For Your Customers

With the ability to A/B test opt-in tools, you're able to select the different variations site visitors will receive that encourage them to become subscribers to your Facebook Messenger.

This allows you to run tests with messaging, calls to action, placement, discounts, and more. You can easily set the weight distribution for each variation you create.


Discover the Message That Resonates Most with Customers

By A/B testing the destination for quick replies within Facebook Messenger, you can determine which messaging best resonates with your customers.

For example, do your customers want to learn about the product or would they rather engage in an interactive quiz? You now have the ability to test the conversation that connects to a reply within your bot. 


This empowers you to track the engagement of each conversation tested to find the messaging that works best with your audience.

Continue to Drive Higher Conversions Through A/B Testing

By continuing to test which opt-in tool variations convert the most subscribers and which conversations result in the highest engagement, you're able to drive the highest conversions possible. 

As the retail landscape changes over time, you're able to continually test variations of opt-in tools or messaging to find what's working with your customers. 

When one A/B test is complete, you're able to start from zero once again. This will give you the power to provide the best messaging and most effective tools to convert visitors into customers.

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