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We are thrilled to announce the Octane AI Partner Program -- a way for agencies representing multiple brands to collaborate with Octane AI on their Facebook Messenger chatbots and share in the upside. The Partner Program is for any marketing, design, development, or strategy agency that works with Shopify Plus merchants, Fortune 5000 brands, and everything in-between.

We've built our partner program to be collaborative, unique, and mutually beneficial. Here are some of our program's many benefits:

  • Revenue sharing: Our partner program provides a generous payout that our partners can either keep or pass on to their customers
  • VIP support: Our agency partners receive access to our VIP support system
  • Bot education: We train your marketing and email teams on how to build chatbots and drive sales with ecommerce bots
  • New leads: We actively generate new leads for our partners through our upcoming experts director, our newsletters, guest blog posts, joint webinars, and our publications Chatbots Magazine and Ecommerce Magazine.
  • Sales training and materials: We provide decks, case studies, and training for your sales team
  • Shared Slack channel: Our agency partners get access to a shared Slack channel with the Octane AI team to foster faster collaboration
  • Early access: Our partners get exclusive access to new features and events
  • Co-marketing opportunities: Joint webinars, co-branded materials, guest blog posts, AMAs, and much more

This is only the beginning; we will be adding more unique benefits to the Octane AI Partner Program on a regular basis!

To apply for our Partner Program, click the button below. 

Become a Partner

We're thrilled to already work with some of the world's fastest-growing agencies, including Mutesix, BVAccel, Hawke Media, Right Hook Digital, Metric Digital, and more. These founding agencies have built incredible Octane AI chatbots that have already driven hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for their clients:


Mutesix Octane AI Partner Logo_with-TM bvaccel-56cd3626936d929962c25fab053ae4e51f1eef8dd9ab9e366d11ee152bb81117
RightHookDigital-Logo-v3-OnLight-500px - Dee Deng MetricDigital-NewLogo-L - Ryan Markman verbalplusvisual_lettermark_ultraviolet - Anshey Bhatia
MF_LockUp_K - Aaron Roper logo400 - Ross Beyeler B1-Logo-Standard-Transparent-trimmed - Lukas B. Snelling
SMS Brand2016-Horiz RED+BROWN+GREEN - SeaMonster Wes P3_Logo  roswell-studios-4742b12b4d76a33060346fab8320f657d0d7b790d8ec115756d42ef80ac916cd
ds_800px - Russell Brown-1 TWP - Cal Wilson-1 wpromote-logo-new


Apply for the Octane AI Partner Program now -- we will be doing some major promotions with our early agency partners before the holiday season. If you already have a lead, you can send it here and we'll respond as quickly as possible. 

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