"We've only been working with Octane AI for a short amount of time, but we've already seen a serious lift, about a 17% increase in revenue for those who interacted with the bot." - Alex Back, co-founder of Apt2B.com

Apt2B is an ecommerce furniture and home decor lifestyle brand. The hugely successful company had humble beginnings when they started selling things out of a small apartment, hence the clever brand name of "Apt2B."

These days the company has a large warehouse, a satellite office, a number of employees, and a very wide network of loyal customers. 

Apt2B's average order value is upwards of $1000, and when customers spend that much money online they really need to feel comfortable. It's just about having some kind of a touch point, even if it's asking a simple question. The most important thing is having a personal touch on each purchase. 

"It's this concept of conversational commerce that's so big right now," notes Alex.

Apt2B uses Octane AI in a number of ways, including shopping cart abandonment. Octane AI allows them to bring customers back into the purchase funnel by engaging them with things like interesting promotions and content based pieces that aren't just "sales, sales, sales" messages. 

Messenger marketing and conversational commerce are really the way of the future." - Alex Back    

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