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We are excited to announce that Dashbot is now part of Octane AI's growing App Directory, giving stores and brands the power to track advanced metrics on their Facebook Messenger chatbot experiences.

With Dashbot, Octane AI customers gain access to advanced analytics on user retention, goal funnels, behavioral funnels, top exit messages, the ability to view each and every user session, and much more. Here are some of the other things Dashbot can do for Octane AI customers:

  • Audience Segmentation: Find and filter customers based on retail behavior.
  • Customer Re-engagement: Develop and launch re-targeting campaigns. 
  • Conversion Tracking: Follow significant achievements that led to conversion.
  • Abandonment Analysis: Identify conversations that ended and iterate the user journey.
  • Customer Service Enhancement: Insert a human into the conversation for a seamless interaction.
  • Unhandled Queries Identification: Analyze and improve conversational experiences by revising unhandled queries.

These metrics will help stores using Octane AI better understand their customers and make informed data-based decisions.

Dashboard (1)Dashbot serves as the Google Analytics of the bot industry and we are proud to partner with Dashbot to offer our customers even more insight into customer behavior.

If you're already on Octane AI, head to your "Apps" tab and you can add Dashbot in just a few clicks. 

Once you add Dashbot you'll be able to see a rich variety of stats in your dashboard

Stay tuned -- we are adding new Octane AI apps in the coming weeks and months!

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