Octane AI has been on the forefront of the conversational commerce movement and the growing focus on Facebook Messenger in ecommerce. Our partners utilize Octane AI for everything from updating customers about their orders to creating complete sales funnels. They're innovative, creative people and we're fascinated by the way their businesses are incorporating the Octane AI platform.

As we put together The 250+ Page Playbook on Supercharging Your Store with Facebook Messenger, SMS, & Conversational Ads with Shopify, Klaviyo, and our 100+ partners, we spoke with many DTC founders, industry thought leaders and innovators about today's most important ecommerce subjects.

We wanted to know what they had to say about a number of topics and we're sure you do too, so we've compiled some of the great responses we received below. Download the playbook in full here: 

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Question: What do you like about Octane AI?

WuOqnKig"Applying email concepts to Messenger, with fast customer service responses and quick adaptation to new trends and features, Octane AI is emerging as the leader the new communication format."

- John Cascarano, President, TAME the Beast


VOMHsgyQ"From letting customers immediately get answers to the most frequently asked questions to running promotional campaigns in your brand’s voice, Octane AI is the gold standard for conversational commerce with a proven track record for driving merchant ROI. And if you need assistance, their customer support team is second to none – you’ll be in the best hands."

- Kelly Vaughn, Founder, The Taproom Agency


hyuwywas"It has been a pleasure to work with the Octane AI team on integrations, joint customer case studies, and various co-marketing initiatives. They're professional, responsive, and incredible to talk to. Best of all, the Octane AI team is open to hearing new ideas from our team and truly demonstrates a world class team that's inclusive and agnostic with partners."

- David Feng, Co-Founder & Head of Product, Re:amaze


f4Rh9lO0"Octane AI is pushing the conversational commerce bar higher and higher by the day, which in turn pushes the rest of us to step up our game. Also, I've yet to verify this, but I believe Ben Parr has cloned himself, as he is everywhere. If anybody has proof of this, please email me."

- Casey Armstrong, CMO, ShipBob


sbTYCi-A“Octane AI sets the bar! The team is continuously responsive and personable all while providing an amazing service that truly changes the game for merchants and their revenue success."

- Jordan Tobler, Strategic Partner Manager, Avalara



0s6PIEVg"We love how Octane AI brings together multiple messaging opportunities in a single platform. Its features are notably advanced compared to other platforms, attracting several sizable merchants who are now successfully leveraging Octane’s technology to improve the customer experience."

- Dan McIvor, Founder & Director, Swanky


2xNLOwQc"Octane AI continues to push the boundaries of how merchants and customers can interact. They are at the cutting edge of where commerce is heading."

- Cameron MacQueen, Global Head of Partnerships, Easyship



6DfPRdyg"Octane AI is the most robust Facebook Messenger platform on the market. Beyond the tool itself, their team is dedicated to educating marketers on how to leverage this emerging channel to grow their business. For anyone new to Facebook Messenger, Octane AI is a one-stop shop for the tools, resources, and advice to be successful."

- Adam Hendle, Founder, Ballsy



1Rbi7sgc"Octane AI is the most robust Facebook Messenger platform on the market. Beyond the tool itself, their team is dedicated to educating marketers on how to leverage this emerging channel to grow their business. For anyone new to Facebook Messenger, Octane AI is a one-stop shop for the tools, resources, and advice to be successful."

- Mandi Moshay, Associate Director of CRM & Email, Tinuiti


KcMLwV0Y"In a time when the Shopify app and third party service market is becoming saturated, Octane AI have been a breath of fresh air. By carefully listening to customers and partners, the team have done a great job of focusing on iterations and improvements that really move the needle for Shopify merchants."

- Adam Pearce, Marketing Director, Blend Commerce


Xa--OE_I"We've been fortunate to work with the Octane AI team, even with their co-founders. They're so passionate about this space that it truly is contagious - and the fact they're constantly innovating really showcases why they're leaders in conversational commerce."

- Dee Deng, Co-Founder & CEO, Right Hook Digital


iUY7yBVI"Octane AI has created and continues to innovate on a unique way to empower merchants to build meaningful relationships with their customers. They embody this ethos through their continued evangelism of best practices and great brands to work with."

- Chathri Ali, COO, ReCharge


ISveI4qo"We have had a great experience working with Octane and their team helping our clients drive a 10x ROAS for our clients through the flexible automations and easy to configure broadcasts."

- Jeremy Horowitz, Messenger Mastermind



RhpnZmAI"It’s been so incredible working, learning, and growing with the Octane AI team. They’re industry leaders who know their stuff, and have helped us find tons of success on a new platform!"

- Cassandra Stevenson, Growth Marketing Coordinator, adQuadrant


_YlQmFFM"Octane AI adds a Facebook-powered checkbox to our Shopify customers' stores. Whenever a customer clicks ‘add to cart,’ the action is saved. If they don’t purchase, Octane AI automatically sends abandoned cart campaigns featuring Yotpo reviews via Facebook Messenger, adding social proof to increase purchase likelihood.”

- Moran Khoubian, Global Head, Partner Marketing, Yotpo


rOCK6ZD0"We enjoy working with the Octane team - one of the early thought leaders in the chatbot space."

- Dennis Yang, Co-Founder & CPO, Dashbot



qmc-bH8o"Octane AI's support is truly excellent. Never would've expected to have the CEO of the organization step into a customer support role. Little acts of kindness like that go a long way and speak volumes to the value Octane AI places on its customer. Not to mention, the product is excellent!"

- Ryan Wood, Head of Growth, Stealth Venture Labs


NAGa43kU"Octane AI has been awesome to work with. They are passionate and willing to help with whatever we need to get our clients set up with engaging conversational commerce tools to help grow their online business. Octane AI has given us the ability to reach customers for our clients in a whole new way!"

- Megan Terwilliger, Marketing Director, Prestige Pro Media


KpyloOL4"Octane is a pleasure to work with and deliver a ton of value to their customers. They are responsive, smart, and forward looking. And they are always striving to make our integration even better."

- Josh Mendelsohn, VP of Marketing, Privy


tmUYa2e4"We’ve been impressed with Octane AI’s innovative thinking and features. They’re helping us future-proof our clients, helping them communicate directly with their customers in the ways those customers want to engage."

- Erin DeCesaris, Growth Strategist, Fuel Made


eXed98y0"I'm excited about the Click-to-Messenger Ads product using Octane AI because it gives a Shopify brand the opportunity to have 1-1 conversations that would normally not be possible to new website visitors. Once this initial interaction has started, it opens the door to further communication to share the brand story, products, promotions, and more! This dialog builds trust and customer lifetime value."

- Steve Hutt, Shopify Expert, Ecommerce Fastlane


bgm7PY08"The Octane AI team has been nothing but present and responsive to both our needs and the ever-changing landscape of the conversational commerce industry. Between changes in tech, privacy regulation and the evolution of the modern consumer, Octane AI has done a great job of staying nimble throughout. "

- Alex Back, COO, Apt2B


H4Nd4I78"The Octane AI team is always a delight to work with. The industry looks towards Octane AI to learn about the latest and greatest because you can always count on them being at the forefront of trends. "

- Lexy Wright, Strategic Partnerships, Pixlee


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