There are 1.3 billion users on Facebook Messenger. That number continues to grow, making it clear that chatbots and conversational commerce are here to stay. Conversational commerce is proving to be one of the most effective methods of customer engagement for ecommerce companies as in-app messages are 1.5x more likely to be opened and consumers are 6.7x more likely to respond than through email marketing. This represents a seismic shift in how brands and sellers can connect with and learn more about their customers.

As we put together The 250+ Page Playbook on Supercharging Your Store with Facebook Messenger, SMS, & Conversational Ads with Shopify, Klaviyo, and our 100+ partners, we spoke with many DTC founders, industry thought leaders and innovators about today's most important ecommerce subjects. We wanted to know what they had to say about a number of topics and we're sure you do too, so we've compiled some of the great responses we received below. You can download the playbook in full here:

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Question: What excites you about the future of conversational commerce and/or Octane AI?

VOMHsgyQ"The smarter conversational commerce gets, the more merchants can benefit from including it in their sales and marketing strategy. As the tools provided by conversational commerce solutions such as Octane AI continue to evolve, merchants can refocus the attention of their staff on more pressing issues."

- Kelly Vaughn, Founder, The Taproom Agency


0urkXxKE"It wont be long until conversational commerce becomes the standard expectation of customers. Why should anyone want to figure out how to navigate your site when they can just ask a bot, "Hey, where do I find X?" just like they would in a retail store to a clerk."

- Kurt Elster, Senior Ecommerce Consultant, Ethercycle


-jna0D4I"Octane AI generates phenomenal ROI for us and provides value to our customers. A true win-win!"

- Brittany Gymrek, Marketing Director, Skinny Mixes



K_PRppxQ"Email is currently the most effective marketing channel but it will soon be taken over by messaging. And it will be better: more personal and lighter weight. "

- Brian Schechter, CEO, SelfMade



f4Rh9lO0"People want answers in real-time from real people, so make that connection and make their purchase decision a no-brainer. Ecommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce are making it so easy to purchase with a bevy of 1-click checkout options -- PayPal, Amazon, Apple, Visa -- and companies like us (ShipBob) and Amazon are allowing people to fulfill orders immediately, so complete that instantaneous experience at the top-of-funnel too."

- Casey Armstrong, CMO, ShipBob


TBxYc5DY"Integrating conversational commerce into automated, personalized and multi-step customer journeys."

- Matthew Goodman, Founder & CEO, Okendo



sbTYCi-A"Conversational commerce is exactly how a buyer wants to interact and purchase. Taking applications our buyers are on the most and meeting them there to complete the purchase will not only increase sales but provide an overall better experience."

- Jordan Tobler, Strategic Partner Manager, Avalara


2xNLOwQc"As merchants expand to new markets the importance of social channels and social commerce will amplify. Conversational commerce has the ability to change the way in which customers identify, interact, learn, and shop and will be an increasingly important revenue channel for any company selling products online. Octane AI has made this process incredibly easy for merchants to get started with a strong setup."

- Cameron MacQueen, Global Head of Partnerships, Easyship


E_x4LV3A"The most exciting thing that I see when it comes to conversational commerce would be to really leverage artificial intelligence to start formulating the correct responses in all cases. As of now, it's in the early stages and we are able to send the basic responses back – but I can't wait to see a fully autonomous bot that can sell, support, and retain customers!"

- Sammy Tran, Email Marketing Manager, MuteSix


sqvtSif8"We've implemented some cool pre-launch brand strategies solely thru Octane to gain interest, and we've garnered over 5K in new followers just on the teasers we've been sending along with educational content. We know we've only scratched the surface here and look forward to all the new rollouts we are going to have with our brands."

- Nikki Johnson, Director of Brand Development, The Basis


1Rbi7sgc"Conversational commerce makes it possible to achieve 1:1 communication with your prospects and customers at scale. The simplicity of the set-up allows marketers to be nimble in their approach, creating or editing flows as needed without the intervention of a developer."

- Mandi Moshay, Associate Director of CRM & Email, Tinuiti


KcMLwV0Y"In a period when engagement rates are at the highest on chatbot-based platforms, the ability to reach customers with Octane AI through messenger is key. Being able to extend the power of incredible tools like Klaviyo's browse abandonment with Octane is a very exciting move."

- Adam Pearce, Marketing Director, Blend Commerce


NAGa43kU"The ability to get real time feedback from engaged customers and then customize the online brand experience based on that feedback."

- Megan Terwilliger, Marketing Director, Prestige Pro Media



HyIkfEW8"Personal, simple, differentiated customer experiences are the key to success in commerce and are a cornerstone of Afterpay’s approach to engaging with consumers."

- Ben Pressley, EVP of Sales, Operations & Strategy, Afterpay



KpyloOL4"With the introduction of conversational commerce, shoppers and merchants can build even stronger relationships than ever before, exchanging questions and answers and sharing critical information in the channels that are already woven into every part of people’s daily lives. This also gives smaller brands the chance to better share their unique personalities and compete with ecommerce giants."

- Josh Mendelsohn, VP Marketing, Privy


Xa--OE_I"Conversational commerce tools like Octane AI allow brands to create & maintain an ongoing relationship with their prospects, customers & fans - at scale. That's exciting stuff! Especially when you consider that we're only at the beginning, as natural language process only gets better and better."

- Dee Deng, Co-Founder & CEO, Right Hook Digital


wlNSnhg0"Conversational commerce allows brands to build highly personalized 1:1 relationships with customers, which can be an incredible way to evangelize your brand and improve retention!"

- Reza Khadjavi, CEO, Shoelace



tD6GRZGI"We are excited for the future of conversational commerce and how Octane AI is pushing the technology forward.  A future where interactions between humans and robots where the human does not know they are talking to an AI can be beneficial if the AI is trained to reduce frustration or is able to create that personal connection to a brand."

- Maier Bianchi, Founder & CTO, Bemeir


lxvTwRlo"I believe that more and more consumers are expecting to have a conversation around their buying experience. Ecommerce is no longer only a convenient way to purchase goods, but an integrated experience."

- Felix Suellwold, Head of Partnerships, PushOwl


ISveI4qo"We are the most excited about the new experiences we can provide our customers and what we can learn about them from have conversations with customers at scale."

- Jeremy Horowitz, Messenger Mastermind



_YlQmFFM"As the modern buyer journey adapts to customer needs, conversational commerce will only become more important. Brands need to reach shoppers wherever they are, and Messenger bots are the perfect way to get in touch without taking shoppers out of their everyday routine."

- Moran Khoubian, Global Head, Partner Marketing, Yotpo


aw0QZmLU"The point at which a customer makes the purchase decision is changing rapidly through tools like Octane AI merchants are able to bring the purchase process closer to the customer instead of making the customer go down some predetermined path."

- Todd Frostad, VP of Business Development, Sezzle


cPF4eyns"The ability to speak directly to your customers is extremely powerful and being able to reach them on their phones, where we spend a majority of our days, is really impactful. We expect better engangement and conversions as a result."

- Casey Coughlin, Business Development & Partnerships, Blue Switch


H4Nd4I78"Consumers crave a personal and human touch in their brand experiences. With conversational commerce and community-driven marketing, we can expect to see better brand interactions with consumers and a more direct feedback loop between brands and their customers, which will ultimately drive better product innovation and brand loyalty. "

- Lexy Wright, Strategic Partnerships, Pixlee


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