One of the most common questions we receive from merchants is whether or not the Facebook Messenger followers they've gathered in another chatbot platform like Manychat, Chatfuel, Recart, or ShopMessage can be transferred to Octane AI. 

The answer is yes!

There are several ways to transfer your followers. We thought it would be helpful to answer your questions about Facebook Messenger followers in a quick FAQ.

Q: How do I export Facebook Messenger followers from my current bot platform to Octane AI?

A: All Facebook Messenger bot companies are required to export Facebook Messenger follower IDs (also known as PSIDs) when requested. If you message or email your current bot platform and ask for your PSIDs, they must send them to you.

There are two ways to do this:

1) Just email or message your bot platform and request your chatbot's Facebook Messenger PSIDs. They will send them to you.

2) Manychat Pro users can export PSIDs by going to the "Audience" tab in their Manychat dashboards. Check out our step-by-step guide for how to export Manychat PSIDs.

Q: How do I transfer my Facebook Messenger followers to my Octane AI chatbot?

A: Email us at with your PSIDs and your store's URL and we'll make the transfer happen! 

Q: Will I still be able to message followers I transfer to Octane AI?

A: Yes! They will appear in your dashboard once we've uploaded them into your Facebook Messenger chatbot. Not sure how Octane AI compares to other bot platforms? Here are some helpful comparisons:

Q: My current bot platform isn't answering my emails requesting my PSIDs. What do I do?

A: Email us at and we will talk to the Facebook team to remedy the situation immediately.

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