It is now incredibly easy for your customers to send you their email addresses and phone numbers. Instead of typing them out, they can now simply tap a button.

How does it work?

When you use our Questions feature and select "Email Field" or "Phone Field" the customer will be shown a pre-filled reply with the email and phone number associated with their Facebook account, if they have one. In one tap they can easily send it. If they do not tap the reply, their information remains private. We believe this is a huge improvement in user experience for your customers. 


What's next?

We are working on integrations with email marketing tools. Which email tool do you use? Let us know here to increase the chances we build an integration for your marketing tool. 

Want more information about how to send out questions to your audience? Here's a step by step guide to asking your audience questions. Go to your dashboard and try it out!

Oh and one more thing!
We recently updated our stats dashboard so you can look at stats for a custom date range! Simply click on the date selector in the dashboard to see stats for a specific date range.

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