We recently hosted an AMA with Ben Jabbawy, the founder and CEO of Privy about how their platform can help gain subscribers, decrease cart abandonment, and increase conversion rates.
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Watch the full AMA with Ben below. Read on further to learn more about Privy, and why merchants should use their tools to convert more visitors into buyers and integrate with Facebook Messenger to engage and win back customers.

About Privy

Privy helps ecommerce merchants convert site traffic into subscribers, reduce cart abandonment, and drive repeat sales. They work with more than 350,000 merchants of all sizes, from brand new stores to Shopify Plus brands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. They’ve captured more than 100 million email addresses for merchants.
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Privy provides customizable onsite displays and triggered emails that merchants can use to better engage their site visitors both while they’re browsing and after they’ve left the site. They make it easy to design info capture tools that fit with your site’s design and brand style, giving you complete autonomy over how you grow your email and Facebook Messenger lists.
Privy is an Octane AI integration partner, allowing you to collect Messenger profiles and create sophisticated chatbot triggers seamlessly.

Content Is King In Capturing Emails

According to Ben, one thing matters more than anything else when it comes to capturing emails: The content of the display module. You can tinker all you want with where the display appears but if your content isn’t compelling, visitors aren’t going to give their email.
  • Generic text like, “Join our email list!” may result in about 1% conversion.
  • Incentivizing text like, “Join our list and get 10% off your first order!” may result in 5-10% conversion.
  • Aggressive, less targeted, gamified text like inviting a customer to spin a wheel to win any of a dozen different prizes once they’ve provided their email may result in 15-30% conversion.
These are vastly different numbers, generated by a greater commitment to the kind of original, creative messaging that Privy allows you to achieve. Their research shows that the gamification model is especially promising on win back campaigns, inviting previous purchasers to spin the wheel and come back to redeem their prize on the site. Which leads to our next point...

How to Reclaim Abandoned Carts

One of Privy’s principles is on helping merchants reclaim abandoned carts. However, Privy doesn’t wait until people are offsite to try and avoid abandoned carts, they encourage merchants to engage in what Ben calls “cart saver” initiatives.
A cart saver allows you to see how much money a customer has in their cart and pre-empt their exit from the site with an offer. This kind of approach can reduce abandonment by 10% before customers even leave the store, thereby precluding the need for follow up emails or messages later.
With Privy, you can even use a tiered approach, offering a 5% coupon for someone with less than your general average order value (AOV) in their cart, or a 15% coupon for someone with greater than the AOV in their cart.
This optimization addresses a common pain point for ecommerce merchants with relative simplicity.

How to Use Real-Time Messaging

“As a brand, you can’t have a good relationship with a consumer if you’re making them mad all the time. And if you’re not giving them the ability to choose where they want to talk to you, then at some point, they’re going to get mad.”

-Matt Schlicht, CEO and Co-Founder of Octane AI
Customers have different preferences and different biases when it comes to giving out their personal information. While some would prefer to give an email address, others would prefer to give their Facebook Messenger profile, or even SMS. Some don’t want to give anything at all. Privy and Octane AI support this choice, which is why they offer integrations for a variety of information captures.
With the Octane AI integration, you can reach customers in a place that they generally find less invasive and where they are more likely to engage with messaging. As users opt to provide their Facebook Messenger profile to a Privy module, merchants can easily build lists in Octane AI and create custom, targeted campaigns to augment their other marketing efforts.
If you aren’t using Facebook Messenger to engage customers, you’re missing out on a highly effective channel. To try it out yourself, add Octane AI to your Shopify store, build a list with Privy and use both tools to get the most out of your subscribers.
That’s all for now! Thanks again to Ben and the Privy team for participating in the Octane AI Master Class AMA.

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