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How are Shopify stores using Facebook Messenger increase revenue by 14%?

How does it work? How do you set it up for your own store?

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How Shopify Stores Are Using Facebook Messenger to Make $1,000,000+

Shopify stores are using Messenger bots to automatically talk to customers, answer questions, and close sales. And guess what? It’s paying off big time.

So how does the bot close sales, Matt?” Great question.

Here’s how it works:

The store adds a “Send to Messenger” checkbox below their “Add to cart” buttons.


Because this checkbox is powered by Facebook, it automatically knows who customers are when they land on the product page (the same way a Facebook like button already knows who you are).



When the customer clicks the “Add to cart” button, they give the store permission to send them messages on Facebook in the future.

If the customer doesn’t complete their purchase after 60 minutes, which around 75% of people don’t, then the store’s Facebook page will automatically send the customer a message saying “Hi! did you forget something?”. This message usually has an open rate of 75%+.



When the customer opens the message the store will show them what products they had in their cart with a call to action to complete the purchase. 




10%+ of people not only click the checkout call to action, but go ahead and complete their purchase.

When stores integrate one of these bots they start generating revenue almost immediately.


This Shopify store is well on it’s way to make over $1,000,000 in its first year, just from their automated Facebook messages.

So, how do you add this to your store? I’ll show you right now.

Add Octane AI to your Shopify store to start sending Facebook Messenger campaigns.

Octane AI powers a bot that your customer can talk to, through Facebook Messenger, that’s sole purpose in life is to treat your customers like VIPs.

Stores using Octane AI increase their revenue by 14% (in February of 2018 stores made $198,240.78 in additional revenue from Octane AI).

Since going live a little over a month ago, Octane AI has recovered over $6k in sales. Not only that, but I am able to broadcast messages to my followers as well as create interactive conversations. This is just another way for them to get to know my brand as well as see important updates like sales, new arrivals and more.”

 Christina Vercler, Founder of Verclare Boutique

This is what your Octane AI bot will do for your Shopify store:

  • Add a “Send to Messenger” checkbox below all of your “Add to cart” buttons.
  • Collect contact information, via the checkbox, from every shopper who clicks “Add to cart”.
  • Automatically send abandoned cart messages to customers who forget to complete their purchase.
  • Send a message to customers with their receipt when they complete a purchase.
  • Send customers a message when their order has been shipped.
  • Automatically answer frequently asked customer questions.
  • Learn customer preferences, location data, and contact information.
  • Send targeted and personalized messages triggered by actions or data.
  • And a whole lot more.

Octane AI is used by Kiehl’s, GoPro, Royal Caribbean, and Shopify stores like Filly Flair, Purecycles, and more.

Learn more about Octane AI here.

If you have any additional questions, I’d be happy to answer them, but first, scroll down to see if I already did!

Ready for the FAQ? Let’s go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything that I thought you might want to know about Octane AI for Shopify. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, click here to let me know.

Q: How does the checkbox work?
A: The checkbox is powered by Facebook, so as long as the customer is logged into Facebook in another tab this checkbox will automatically know who they are. When they click “Add to cart”, your store will get permissions to message them in the future.

Previously, you could only send follow up messages (like an abandoned cart message) to people who have given you their email address. This checkbox allows you to reach a much larger audience without asking them to do anything new.

Q: How do I add the checkbox to my store?
A: Easy, no development needed. Just click a couple buttons to connect your store to the Octane AI Shopify app.

Q: Can I message people more than just an abandoned cart message?
A: Yes! We let you automatically send other campaigns like receipts and shipping notifications, but you can also set up custom drip campaigns (e.g. Automatically ask someone how they like their product 15 days after they bought it) and manual broadcasts (e.g. Send a message to every female customer who has bought something in the past 30 days that lives in New York City).

Q: Can I customize the campaigns to use my own messaging?
A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: Can my bot automatically answer people’s questions? How does it know what to say to them?
A: Yes, you can train your bot to understand anything. Over time, your bot will be able to answer almost every question someone sends to it.

Q: How do customers turn off the messages?
A: Customers can turn off messages easily by responding to the bot, telling it to stop, or by browsing to their notification settings within Facebook Messenger.

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