Facebook Messenger has 1.5 billion active users and more are added every day. For ecommerce merchants, this platform represents a tremendous opportunity. But you can’t effectively leverage Messenger’s capabilities if you don’t have a subscriber base. 

This webinar breaks down how you can get your first 1,000 Messenger subscribers so you can communicate with your customers through every step of their journey, and even capture their email addresses and phone numbers, as well.

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Why is Facebook Messenger So Valuable for Ecommerce Merchants?

Email has traditionally been the main source of communication between brands and their customers but people are spending less time on their smartphones looking at their email, and more time messaging in platforms like Facebook Messenger.

  • 53% of people want to message with their favorite brand
  • Facebook Messenger has more than 1.5 billion active users and is the fastest growing marketing channel on earth
  • Messaging allows you to have a back-and-forth conversation to learn more about your customers
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Since people are spending so much more time using Messenger and tools like Octane AI give you such granular custom conversational tools, the statistics are fairly jarring.

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Conversational Facebook Ads

A traditional ad pursues a targeted audience with the purpose of driving them to a page and make a purchase. However, these ads aren’t exactly optimized to check in with the targeted audience. After someone clicks, the ad has done its job. Turns out, the job wasn’t all that difficult.

Facebook Messenger has the ability to make conversational ads. Through Facebook Messenger, you can follow up with users who clicked through a Messenger ad but abandoned their cart. They allow you to try to win back people who ignored the ad by giving them a special promo code. Even after purchase, conversational ads can be used to gather more information about what the buyer found compelling about the product or what they might want to purchase in the future. They help your audience make decisions for themselves.

Which brings us to the magic slide:

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 9.50.57 AM

Look at what those ads can do! With so many customizations available, you can connect with a potential buyer at any point of their journey and guide them towards making a purchase.

Even better, these targeted ads can use a conversation to ask if a user wants to subscribe to your Messenger list, helping you on your way to your first 1,000 subscribers. It’s driving sales while driving a following — win-win!

What are some of the use-cases of conversational ads?

  • Product Customizer Through Messenger, you can ask users what they’re looking for in terms of size, color, and other key questions before driving them to precisely what they’re looking for.
  • Product Quiz Just like a salesperson in a storefront, Messenger can use questions and user responses to help a user figure out what they want.
  • Discount Unlock Good old fashioned incentive marketing is always great! With Messenger, you can send an ad that offers a discount if a user becomes a subscriber.
  • Discount for Email Just like Discount Unlock, you can ask for an email to add to your email list as well.
  • User-Generated Content Facebook users are creative and they love to share! You can ask for text, photos, videos, audio, phone numbers, emails, and collect all kinds of valuable info from your users.

Onsite Opt-In Tools

You’ve got people using your site. You want those people to come back. Then you want to turn those people into subscribers! Here are some of the tools you can use:

  • Add-to-Cart Pop-Up If someone is sitting on a product page, you can prompt them to add to cart with an option to subscribe to Messenger. From there, you can follow up with new updates on product offerings, and more.
  • Order Confirmation Opt-In While users are on-site, you can prompt them to get order updates, shipping info, and more details on Messenger, automatically making them a subscriber.
  • Messenger Forms To get sign-ups, you can integrate Messenger and email tools to offer discounts and grab both Messenger and email list subscribers while offering special discounts.
  • Messenger Chat Embed Yes, you can put Facebook Messenger on your website, allowing you to gather information from visitors before making an automatic product recommendation, driving both sales and subscribers.

Off-site Growth Tools

There are more people using the internet off your site than on, so it follows that you should be trying to use off-site tools to capture as many users from around the web as possible. So, what are some ways you can do that?

  • Comment Capture Invented by Octane AI, comment capture recognizes whenever someone comments on one of your posts, triggering a bot to reach out to that user, and if they message back, they automatically become a subscriber. Pretty neat!
  • Add Messenger to Your Email Campaigns You can leverage your existing email list by simply adding Messenger icons to your email sends, inviting recipients to opt-in to Messenger.
  • Drive Subscribers Through Your Loyalty Program There’s nothing wrong with incentivizing people! Give special discounts or special promotions that are Messenger-only or use rewards programs like Smile.io to give points to those who refer their friends.
  • Sponsored Messages With sponsored messages, you can target custom Facebook audiences who have ever messaged your pages at all.
  • Create a Landing Page for Your Bot Use a Messenger button in email campaigns or on your site to invite customers to communicate with your bot, leading them to subscribe.

There you have it! You now know some great strategies for growing your Messenger subscriber list and driving sales through Messenger. If you want to learn more, ask questions, share your tips and tricks, and connect with other Messenger-minded folks, join the Messenger community at www.facebook.com/messengermasterclass.

Plus, remember to check out all the slides here: https://join.octaneai.com/slides.

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