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What if you could send everyone who goes to your site, looks at a product, and then leaves, a personalized message with some product recommendations. Well, this is exactly what our new Messenger flow allows you to do!

With the browse abandonment flow on Octane AI you can automatically message a customer if they view a product page but don't add an item to their cart.


browse abandonment facebook messenger


This is a huge addition to the Octane AI suite of Facebook Messenger automations and we're excited to release it.


Setting up Browse Abandonment for Messenger

Setting up browse abandonment is easy -- simply go to Flows --> Browse Abandonment and turn it on!
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Browse abandonment messages can be sent anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours after the customer views the product page. You can include an optional discount, customize the message, and show a carousel of recommended products based on the product the customer viewed while they were browsing.
If you are not already using Octane AI, book a demo or sign up for a free 14-day trial to get started. 
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Why Browse Abandonment for Messenger Is Important

Any customer who has opted in for Facebook messages from your brand is eligible to receive browse abandonment messages. This includes:
  • Anyone who clicks or interacts with a Facebook Click-to-Messenger ad
  • Anyone who clicks to your site from an Octane AI broadcast campaign
  • Anyone who opts in for messages from your website, through Octane AI's pop-ups and pop-ups powered by Justuno or Privy
  • Anyone who responds to a message sent via Octane AI's Comment Capture feature
  • Anyone who clicks a conversational link you share via email or social media (learn more)
  • Anyone who directly messages your brand's Facebook Page
Browse abandonment is especially useful for Facebook Click-to-Messenger ads. With traditional Facebook ads, when a person is sent to a product page but doesn't add to cart, there is no way to directly reach out to them to push them down the funnel. However, when people click a Click-to-Messenger ad, they are eligible for browse abandonment messages -- meaning that your ad's conversion rate will increase.
That's why browse abandonment is a key part of the Octane AI Messenger funnel:
Visit your Octane AI Dashboard to set up your browse abandonment campaign today!

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