We are excited to officially announce our Gorgias integration for Octane AI -- the premier ecommerce Messenger platform now integrates with one of the most popular customer service platforms for Shopify!

With Gorgias and Octane AI,  you can manage customer service through Facebook Messenger, sync customer info, create custom Messenger flows, and automatically sync email addresses collected from your bot. All of your customer service can seriously be managed from Messenger!

Our customers repeatedly tell us that integrations between their Shopify apps saves them time, improves their efficiency, and helps them make more money. We worked closely with the Gorgias team to make this integration possible and easy for merchants.

Here's everything you can do with the Gorgias app for Octane AI:

  • Follow up on marketing campaigns sent through Octane AI: Follow up on your campaigns to make sure customer questions get answered and lead to a successful purchase. 
  • Bring in robust customer data from Messenger including every Octane AI customer list you've created: Gorgias pulls data from Octane AI to display rich customer profiles next to tickets. See all the campaigns, messages, tickets and more for each individual customer.
  • Automatically respond to customer questions: With Octane AI's powerful automation, merchants using Gorgias can automatically reply to customer questions and take over manually when needed.

Customers are already using Octane AI and Gorgias. Here's what Live Love Polish has to say about the Octane AI and Gorgias integration:

“We’re really thrilled that Gorgias and Octane AI came together to make the customer service experience over Messenger even better for our customers. Accessible customer service is central to what we do at Live Love Polish. Answering customer questions via Messenger has made our customers happier.”

Using these two tools together leads to better results. According to Octane AI’s data, customers who connect with a merchant on Facebook Message have a revenue per cart of $7.97! 

We would love if you give Gorgias for Octane AI a try. Check out the full guide or send us an email with your questions. 


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