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Data plays a central role in brands' success with Messenger and SMS marketing. We've recently made updates to our analytics page to give brands' better insights into the effectiveness of their SMS and Messenger campaigns! 

Messenger & SMS Analytics in One Place

Analytics are featured on almost every page throughout Octane AI's dashboard, yet our new analytics page provides one hub to see everything together.

Your home page analytics make sure it's always easy for you to stay in touch with your bot's overall performance. But we don't have to stop there. 

The analytics page includes a lot of extra detail and metrics that the overview isn't able to cover.

Attribute Facebook Messenger Revenue Easily

All users have access to their Messenger performance and subscriber stats. This helps give a full picture of activity on your Facebook Messenger and the effectiveness of your campaigns to drive revenue. 

An example of this is if a customer is sent an abandoned cart notification in Messenger, clicks on the link to their cart that's provided and makes a purchase. The Messenger revenue by feature can be a great way to dive deeper into your performance metrics.

For example, here's the performance summary for cart abandonment on the analytics page:

See a Full Picture of Your SMS Analytics

From your SMS campaigns see the subscribers you collect and the revenue that you drive. This gives you a better picture of how subscribers are responding to your messages. 

Detailed Analytics on Your Messenger Subscribers

To better understand your Messenger subscribers, you can now see how they've been engaging with your Facebook Messenger in full detail. Crucial information, like opt-ins and opt-outs along with the active people count for your bot, are displayed for you to analyze.

This makes it super simple to assess the success of a recent campaign. 


See a Full Breakdown Of Your Audience

You can now see an all-time breakdown of your audience and their actions. Get a full view of gender breakdown, Questions data collected, or engagement with features like Convos.


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