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Send Facebook messages to 90%+ people who abandon their carts. Automatically answer questions and send receipts. Increase revenue lift by 7-25%.

I'm thrilled to announce that the 500,000+ stores using Shopify can now directly link Octane AI to their Shopify accounts, allowing them to track revenue earned, capture 3x more abandoned carts than they do with email, and much more. Octane AI for Shopify is now available in the Shopify App Store and on OctaneAI.com.

This product is the result of months of work from our stellar engineering and product team, led by VP of product Megan Berry, director of engineering Nike Gurin-Petrovych, and my co-founder and our CTO Leif K-Brooks.

“We are thrilled that Octane AI is launching its new conversational commerce platform,” said Andrew Kritzer, Product Manager for Messenger Platform. “This product connects customers to their favorite stores in a personalized way, leading to top line impact for stores and a fundamentally better shopping experiences for customers.”

What Does Octane AI for Shopify Do?

With Octane AI for Shopify, stores can run abandoned cart campaigns, answer customer questions automatically, create conversational FAQs, send receipts and shipping notifications, and help customers find products. Octane AI is the Messenger marketing and bot platform dedicated exclusively to ecommerce.

Stores in the Octane AI private beta, including VerClare Boutique, Pure Cycles, Pearl Paradise, Filly Flair, Apt2B, LXMI, Sweat Tailor, and Epic Rights, have seen 7-25% increases in their stores' total revenue. Octane AI's new abandoned cart campaigns, for example, reach three times as many customers as traditional email campaigns. 1 out of 9 messages sent through Octane AI's abandoned cart campaigns results in a sale.


Octane AI for Shopify introduces new ecommerce and Messenger marketing functionality for online stores, including:

  • Abandoned carts via Messenger: Octane AI for Shopify adds a Facebook-powered pre-checked checkbox below your Shopify store's "Add to cart" buttons. Whenever a customer clicks "Add to cart," they are automatically saved by Octane AI, their shopping actions are tracked, and, if they don't purchase within 60 minutes, abandoned cart campaigns are sent automatically over Facebook Messenger.

  • Revenue dashboard: Octane AI’s revenue dashboard lets stores launch campaigns, track how much revenue they’ve earned, and analyze customer behavior.
  • Push notifications: From the dashboard, stores can send highly-engaging push notifications to customers. They can run the same campaigns they did over email, but better.
  • Drip campaigns: Octane AI enables advanced drip campaigns that trigger based on time, user behavior, and purchase history.
  • Shipping, receipt, and post-purchase notifications: Octane AI can automatically send receipts, shipping notifications, and more on behalf of stores. This greatly improves the customer experience and helps stores save time and money.
  • Conversation content editor and product finders: Stores can easily create conversational content -- such as product recommenders and dynamic FAQs -- for Facebook Messenger via our innovative Convos editor.
  • Purchase and location-based targeting: Stores can automatically create customer lists and target their messages based on location, time, new customers, past purchases, spending, conversation history, and Decision Data.
  • Smart Responses: Octane AI allows stores to train their concierge bots to respond to common customer queries, freeing up their time and money.

Have questions? Read our FAQ or shoot me a note. Ready to get started? Get our Shopify app. 




The Genesis of Octane AI for Shopify

When Matt, Leif, and I started Octane AI in 2016, it was built on a very simple premise: communication is moving away from email and social and towards 1:1 messaging. To us, it was inevitable that every business in the world would have to connect with their customers over Facebook Messenger and other conversational apps. Unlike email though, the software businesses need to facilitate those conversations didn't exist. So we built it.

The first version of our software, which we launched in November 2016, made it easy for every business in the world to communicate with their customers with a bot that could be set up in minute. Thousands of businesses signed up, from major musicians like Maroon 5 to your local dentist office. But when we really took a deeper dive into our users, we saw one segment that was driving sales and business results using Octane AI: online stores.

For example, Kiehl's Since 1851, an Octane AI customer, was driving sales through conversations that recommended products through conversation.

Our team saw this data very clearly, and we started to build a platform dedicated to ecommerce Messenger marketing. We added automated shipping and receipt notifications, revenue tracking, new ways to display products in Messenger, and integrated with Yext for recommending nearby store locations.

Then we started building revenue-generating campaigns. Octane AI's abandoned cart functionality is an example of this. Our abandoned cart campaigns solve the problem of abandoned carts in a much more effective way than traditional email and ad retargeting campaigns.

Nearly 70% of carts are abandoned, representing over $4.6 trillion in lost revenue. If you were standing in line at the supermarket, and 3/4ths of the people in the store just bolted out the market without their food, you'd think the world had gone mad. And yet stores accept this as an inevitable fact in ecommerce.

They shouldn't. With Octane AI, stores can create a better customer experience while increasing revenue with just a few clicks.

Octane AI for Shopify is our biggest release since our initial launch, but it's just the beginning. We are expanding to other ecommerce platforms and have some new features in the pipeline we think stores of all sizes will love. If you're using Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento, or another ecommerce solution, sign up here for the private beta.

Let us know what you think of the new Octane AI!

~ Ben


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