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We are always launching new features to help you make more sales with Facebook Messenger. Messenger is an exciting channel for ecommerce brands and we want to help you get even more out of this ever-growing marketing, sales and support channel. How great of a channel is Facebook Messenger? Ecommerce merchants using Octane AI have seen up to a 37% increase in sales.

You can use Messenger for simple broadcasts and promotions, but just like with email, you can do so much more. You can engage with your subscribers and personalize their shopping experience with Messenger. 

Here are the newest features for Octane AI designed to help you grow, engage and support your customers with Facebook Messenger.

Customize the Add to Cart Checkbox

One of our most requested features. We have added a few options to let merchants customize the Add to Cart checkbox. You can center it, change the skin, and change the text above the checkbox.

Here is the edit screen.

Screen Shot on 2018-11-28 at 07-48-38.png

And here is how the checkbox looks once edited.

Screen Shot on 2018-12-19 at 17:27:45.png

Learn more here: http://help.octaneai.com/features/add-to-cart-checkbox 

Justuno Integration

Octane AI now integrates with Justuno. A "Send to Messenger" checkbox will now appear on your Justuno forms.

justuno octane ai integration

Learn more here: https://blog.octaneai.com/justuno-octane-ai-email-facebook-messenger-opt-ins 

Privy Integration

Octane AI now integrates with Privy. Now you can add a "Send to Messenger" checkbox on your Privy pop-ups.

privy octane ai checkbox-1

Learn more here: https://blog.octaneai.com/privy-octane-ai-grow-email-facebook-messenger-opt-ins 

Add Comment Capture to an Existing Facebook Post

One of the best ways to grow your Facebook Messenger subscriber list is with a Comment Comment feature. Now you can add our Comment Capture feature to your old Facebook posts. Got a post that is still being commented on? Activate Comment Capture for it today!

2018-12-17 22_50_00-Ecommerce Messenger Playbook 2018 (1).pdf - Adobe Acrobat Standard DC

Learn more here: https://blog.octaneai.com/comment-capture-increase-facebook-messenger-subscribers 

Embed Questions in a Convo

Our Convos and Questions features are designed to help you engage with your customers. Now you can embed Questions into a Convo!

Add Replies to Trained Responses

You can now add replies in your trained responses. This enables you to create an interactive conversation in any of your responses, improving the end-user experience.

trained responses facebook messenger

Set a Time Limit on How Often the Unrecognized Message Shows Up

Your bot won't understand every message when you first start using it. So now you can set a time limit on how often your bot lets customers know it doesn't understand their message. This allows you to send a messages with office hours or other ways of getting in touch while still ensuring that the message doesn't just keep getting sent again and again as the customer types.

facebook messenger bot unrecognized message

Edit Scheduled Broadcast Messages

Did you change your mind about what your broadcast message is about? Now you can edit the content without having to delete and create a new broadcast again.

edit broadcast

What's Next?

These new features are designed to help you make more sales with Messenger, but also increase engagement with your customers. The benefit of chatbots is you can 

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