We are always launching new features to help you get even more results with Facebook Messenger marketing. 

Here are the newest features for Octane AI designed to help you grow your subscriber list, engage with your subscribers and make more data-driven decision with Messenger marketing.

Order Status Opt-in Button

Opt-ins are crucial for success with Messenger marketing. Once a customer completes their purchase, they're taken to the order status page (this is also sometimes referred to as the Thank You page).

This widget adds a section to your order status page which lets customers opt-in to get order confirmation and shipping updates on Messenger. So if they don't opt-in before their purchase, you now have a new way to make sure you get opt-ins from your customers.

Learn more about the Order Status Opt-in button.

order status opt-in facebook messenger marketing

Add UTM Parameters to Octane AI Links

We automatically add UTM parameters to help you easily track clicks from your bot to your store. We add these to any link that goes to your Shopify store including in-bot products, abandoned carts and a broadcast sent to your store.

We add the same source and medium for each link:

  • utm_source=octaneai
  • utm_medium=messenger

There are more UTM links added depending on the type of message and link. Learn more about UTM links.

Updated Dashboard

The Octane AI Dashboard (the first screen you see when you log in) now allows you to access most of our features from one location. You can see analytics, campaigns, flows, web widgets, customer support tools, apps, integrations and more all from one location.

Visit your Octane AI Dashboard.

octane ai dashboard new

Updated Navigation

To make Octane AI even easier to navigate, we have placed abandoned carts, order confirmations and shipping confirmations under the Flows tab. Each flow now has its own settings and analytics page.

octane ai dashboard

Analytics for Abandoned Carts, Order Confirmations and Shipping Confirmations

As part of the updated navigation, abandoned cart messages, order confirmation and shipping confirmation flows now have their own individual pages along with analytics for each. Now you can see detailed analytics for each flow, as well as edit these messages in one location.

octane ai abandoned cart analytics

Personalize Comment Capture

You can now add first and last names to your Comment Capture replies. So instead of your bot replying with, "Hi there," it can now reply with, "Hi [first name]" to make the conversation feel more personal.

personalize comment capture

Delete Lists

Made too many lists that you don't use or accidentally created? Now you can delete them!

octane ai delete lists


Target Users by When They Joined a List

You can now target by when users joined a list.

Example: a message can be triggered if someone joined your Customers list within the past 3 days.

octane ai date segment

What's Next?

These new features are designed to help you grow your Messenger list and make more data-driven decision about how you use Messenger marketing. Stay tuned for even more updates and features coming soon!

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