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We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Octane AI Affiliate Program! Sign up today and start building a recurring revenue stream for your business by promoting the world’s most advanced ecommerce chatbot and Facebook Messenger marketing platform for Shopify.

Become an Affiliate

How It Works

We give you an affiliate link when you sign up. If they sign up for Octane AI using that link, we will register them as your affiliated users and start paying you!

Benefits of Octane AI’s Affiliate Program:

  • Recurring revenue: You earn 20% of the revenue Octane AI earns from each client you refer. You can expect to earn $20-$150 per merchant per year you sign up for Octane AI Basic and $500-$1000+ per merchant per year you sign up for Octane AI Pro. Referring a top-performing business can earn you thousands of dollars per year!
  • Cash rewards for educational content: Earn a bonus if you create a compelling course, video, or guide that drives sign-ups.
  • Rewards for getting merchants to switch: We will give you a bonus for getting Shopify merchants to switch to Octane AI from a chatbot or Messenger platform like ManyChat. (It's easy to switch -- merchants can even import their existing Messenger followers into Octane AI!)
  • Promotional and sales materials: We constantly add decks, case studies, training materials, and more to your affiliate dashboard to help you sell Octane AI to your audience.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard: We provide you with a simple dashboard to check on your referred customers and your payouts.
  • Special rewards for our top performers: We will go the extra mile for you if you’re a top performer.

To sign up for our Affiliate Program, click the button below:

Become an Affiliate


What is Octane AI?

Octane AI is the Facebook Messenger bot platform for ecommerce. Octane AI is a chatbot platform for Shopify merchants to do Facebook Messenger marketing, retargeting, and automated customer care. "Klaviyo for Facebook Messenger" is a good analogy!

Why Do Businesses Choose Octane AI?

  • Best-in-class product: Octane AI is the only Facebook Messenger and chatbot platform that handles the entire customer journey for ecommerce, including 1) customer acquisition tools; 2) abandoned cart campaigns; 3) promotional broadcasts; 4) customer segmentation; 5) retargeting based on purchase history, demographics, and behavior; 6) custom flows; 7) deep integrations with Shopify, Klaviyo, and more; 8) embeddable chatbots; 9) advanced analytics that tracks the revenue and ROI of every Messenger campaign; and 10) automated customer care.
  • Top businesses, Shopify merchants and major celebrities use Octane AI: Our customers include L'Oreal, GoPro, Royal Caribbean, Pair of Thieves, CoverFX, Apt2B, Summersault, Cardi B, Jason Derulo, Maroon 5, Poppy, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, and many more.
  • More ecommerce integrations: Octane AI has the most ecommerce integrations of any Messenger bot platform. Octane Ai deeply integrates with Shopify, Klaviyo, Yotpo, Gorgias, Recharge, and more. Learn more about our integrations.
  • New features and constant improvements: We consistently update the product with new features and functionality. 
  • Great customer support: We pride ourselves on great customer support and work hard to solve our customers' problems as quickly as possible. Customers can email or message our team at any time and expect an answer quickly during business hours!
  • Seasoned team: Octane AI is led by a seasoned team of tech industry veterans, including our CEO Matt Schlicht (Y Combinator and Ustream alum, 2x Forbes 30 Under 30), President Ben Parr (former Co-Editor of Mashable, author of Captivology, Forbes 30 Under 30), and CTO Leif K-Brooks (creator of Omegle, Forbes 30 Under 30).
  • Respected investors: Octane AI's investors include General Catalyst (investors in Warby Parker, Snapchat, Airbnb), Phil Libin (founder of Evernote and CEO of All Turtles), Clara Shih (Starbucks board director and CEO of Hearsay Systems), Lee Linden (former head of commerce products at Facebook; founder of Tapjoy and Karma Science), M Ventures (led by former mayor of Washington, D.C. Adrian Fenty), and more.

Ready to become an affiliate? Sign up here.


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