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Shopify chose Octane AI as a featured app! This means you can find us on the homepage of the Shopify App Store. Shopify features apps that have built a great experience for customers and provide great customer support to merchants.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Octane AI and our team throughout our Shopify journey. When we launched our Shopify app in 2018, we had no idea how many amazing people we would meet and the gracious support we would receive from the Shopify community. 


Where It All Started

In 2016, Octane AI cofounders Matt Schlicht, Ben Parr, and Leif K-Brooks discovered that messaging apps were growing faster than social networks and were quickly  growing in popularity. 

They created Octane AI, a platform that let businesses automate back and forth conversations, send out announcements, run contests, and more. We worked with everyone from celebrities to businesses.

As our customer base grew, more and more bots were being used by ecommerce brands to reach their customers directly about sales or product launches. Matt, Ben, and Leif took a step back to do some research and then this happened:

Octane AI became available on the Shopify App Store in September 2018. Here was our announcement from Facebook's F8 Conference:

By midway through 2018, we had merchants like Apt2B and Summersalt seeing real results with Messenger marketing.

Thank You to Our Tech Partners!

After launching Octane AI on the Shopify App Store, we began meeting all of our wonderful partners. We first met Klaviyo, MuteSix, ReCharge, Smile.io, and JustUno at Shopify Unite 2018. This was when we realized:

Not only did we build relationships with amazing partners, but we launched integrations with amazing technologies. This helped merchants make Messenger and SMS marketing more effective and integrated with their technology stack.

We've continued to partner with the best apps in Shopify's ecosystem!

Thank You to Our Agency Partners!

We then launched our Agency Partner Program to help agencies get the most out of Octane AI's platform.

Today, we're partnered with over 100+ Shopify and Shopify Plus agencies who help their clients optimize Messenger and SMS marketing with Octane AI. We're privileged to be able to partner with agencies like Mutesix, Hawke Media, BVAccel, adQuadrant, Chronos, Roswell Studios, Lucid, Tinuiti, Retention Commerce, and many more!

It's All Because of Shopify's Ecosystem 

With our partners and Shopify's app ecosystem, we're able to help more merchants. We're committed to reaching more merchants and partnering with new technologies and agencies.

Image upload on 2019-09-18 at 15-52-21

Shopify's CMO Jeff Weiser and COO Harley Finkelstein with Octane AI's Brian Shanley and Jacob Elson at Shopify Unite (June 2019)

This past week, we partnered with Klaviyo, Tinuiti, Metric Digital, and Bokksu to help merchants Supercharge Messenger and Email in New York City.

We don't plan on stopping soon with Octane AI CEO Matt Schlicht speaking at the Klaviyo:BOS Conference and Octane AI President Ben Parr speaking at ReCharge's ChargeX.

With all of our excitement about the road ahead, thank you to everyone who helps us do what we do!

Thank you!

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