Octane AI is thrilled to announce Conversational Ads, a new, first-of-its kind platform for creating and deploying Facebook Messenger ads that open two-way conversations with customers, personalizes product recommendations, segments customers based on their conversations with the ads, builds up Facebook Messenger subscribers and distribution, and ultimately increases ROAS by up to 5-20x.

Today, standard ads drive a person to a web page with the hope that they will convert into an action, such as completing a purchase. Unfortunately, this is often where it ends -- standard ads cannot directly communicate with customers, collect more detailed information (such as product preferences), or follow up with customers if they don't complete a purchase.

Conversational Facebook Ads by Octane AI solves these problems by allowing a person to interact with an ad via an automated chat conversation. The brand can start an automated and interactive conversation with everyone who clicks on the ad, which can then collect key information, drive people to targeted landing pages, send follow-up messages, and much more.

Messenger ads are a huge opportunity for merchants. Here's what Steve Weiss, the CEO of MuteSix (one of the largest and most successful Facebook ad agencies in the world) has to say about Messenger ads:

octane ai mutesix facebook messenger ads

Beekeeper’s Naturals recently ran a Conversational Ad campaign with Octane AI and MuteSix that resulted in a 6x ROAS and performed 2x better than their non-conversational ads. For more details, check out their case study below:

Read Conversational Ads Case Study

How Conversational Facebook Ads Work

Conversational Ads by Octane AI is composed of two key products:

  • Click-to-Messenger Ads: Create ads that appear in the Facebook News Feed that, when clicked, open up a conversation in Facebook Messenger. Anyone who engages with these ads is added to your Messenger funnel, so that you can follow up with them with automated messages when they complete or don't complete objectives. Brands can also collect contact information, personalize content based on the conversation, and lead people to a website or landing page.

click to messenger facebook ad

  • Sponsored Messages: A new type of Facebook ad that allows brands to send targeted, relevant messages to their Messenger audience based on Facebook Audience data. Sponsored Messages also allow brands to send promotional messages outside of Facebook's "24+1" window.

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Key Benefits of Conversational Ads by Octane AI

Some of the key benefits of Conversational Ads include:

  • Go to checkout directly from the conversation. Instead of taking someone to a website and then needing them to click the add-to-cart button, people can choose what they want from the conversation and buy it in a web view in Messenger.
  • Building Messenger Subscribers and send targeted follow-up messages. Brands have ability to send follow-up Facebook messages to someone the moment they interact with a Conversational Ad. This means brands can turn anyone who interacts with a Conversational Ad into a follower and send automated flows (such as abandoned cart messages) or targeted messages or broadcasts.
  • Personalizing conversations and recommendations based on how the person interacts with the conversation. Brands can use Conversational Ads to ask questions (e.g. who is your favorite sports team, where do you live, what kind of product are you looking for?) and use that information to personalize
    responses, product recommendations, and follow-up messages.
  • Collect more email addresses and phone numbers. Conversational Ads enables someone to push one button to share their email address or phone number directly from their Facebook profile.

Use Cases for Conversational Ads

Here are some of the many ways Conversational Ads can be used by brands and businesses:

  • Product Finder: Ask the customer their preferences and show them products that match.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Ask the customer about their shopping and product experience.
  • Newsletter Signup: Collect email address in the conversation and automatically sync it to an email platform like Klaviyo.
  • Incentives: Offer a discount code in exchange for the person to answer questions or submit information like an email address, location, or phone number.
  • Sales Conversations: Automate the first part of a high-touch sales conversation, and then hand off to a human to complete the sale.
  • Browse Abandonment: Send a message to people who are connected to you on Messenger and go to your website, but don't add anything to their cart.
  • Instagram Promotion: Message people who are connected to you on Messenger but do not follow you on Instagram.
  • New Sale or Products: Message people who are connected to you on Messenger about a new sale or product.
  • Cart Abandonment: Send a follow-up message to people who have items in their cart, but haven't purchased yet.
  • Prompt a Referral: Ask customers if they enjoyed their delivered product and, if the response is positive, encourage them to share their referral link with their friends.
  • Quizzes: Create conversational quizzes to engage customers

Conversational Ads by Octane AI is available now to all Octane AI customers. You can learn more by reading Octane AI's guide to Conversational Ads, available here.

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