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The Smart Responses feature helps your bot become “smarter” by allowing you to write automatic responses to common messages your Facebook Messenger receives.

The biggest tell that a customer is chatting with an automated system is when they ask similar questions, they receive the same reply over and over. We built time limits for individual smart responses to help you stop this experience.

You can now add a time limit for each smart response you create. This allows you to create multiple smart responses and limit the amount of times it can be sent to a customer. 

Create Smart Responses That Automate Common Questions

By creating answers to common questions, you can alleviate the amount of time your customer support team spends within Facebook. For example, create responses that help customers asking about their order, return policy, or sizing!


Set a Time Limit For How Often a Response Will Be Sent

Each response you add includes an option to set how often a reply will be sent to a customer. Replies to both recognized and unrecognized messages can be customized with a time limit of 1 hour to one week, or the time limit can be turned off entirely! 

This helps you customize the messages that you're sending without worrying that a customer gets the same message within a certain timeframe.

Train Your Responses to Become Smarter

For questions you receive that you haven't created a response for yet, you can easily view messages not understood and quickly add new responses with time limits.

Get Started Today

You can get started with Facebook Comment Capture today! 

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