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An Intro to Primary Goods

Primary Goods is an aspirational, luxury bedding company that set out to solve a major problem: making your bed everyday. As they say, "The very best quality sheets, that easily click into place, and always stay put." 

After their successful Kickstarter launch, Primary Goods became an online retailer on Shopify. Primary Goods is proud to be home to thoughtful, better-made products. Don’t get out of bed for anything less.

Primary Goods has been using Octane AI for a little over three months, and they have seen great success with our Shopify app. They have recovered more abandoned carts than ever before and increased revenue, but they also redefined the customer experience for online shopping. 

We spoke with Amanda Friedlander, a Marketing Manager for Primary Goods about how she uses Messenger Marketing with Octane AI. Read on below.

Q: How are you using Octane AI?

"We're using Octane AI for everything related to Messenger marketing. The Abandoned Carts feature has been great for recovering carts and increasing conversions.

We use the Convos feature as a product quiz for new subscribers. It helps them find the products they're looking for. It's really detailed and reminds you of the experience you would get at a brick and mortar store, which is the gold standard for ecommerce.

We recently used the Questions feature to collect email addresses and that performed pretty well. Because of the Klaviyo integration, the emails are automatically synced to our lists.

We also use the Questions feature to collect customer feedback, because it's a much more efficient method than reaching out over email. 

We are going to test out Messenger Ads with Octane AI soon." 

Q: How are you planning to use Messenger for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

"There's always a slow period for a few weeks before Black Friday, because customers know big discounts are coming. We're going to start a pre-Black Friday newsletter and customers can subscribe to it from Messenger. It's going to be a list with exclusive offers that will go out before our email offers do. We will send it as a broadcast in Messenger with Octane AI.

Because Messenger has such a personal feeling, it really makes customers feel like they're a part of something special and we're confident it will increase engagement and have a high subscription rate."

Q: What other Shopify apps are you using besides Octane AI?

"We are using Klaviyo, Yotpo, ShipMonk and Zendesk. The Klaviyo and Yotpo integrations with Octane AI are activated."

Q: How excited are you about the future of chatbots?

"I'm very excited. It's changed the landscape for consumers and it's very personal. With more shopping being done online now, customers are losing the in-store interaction you get with brands.

I view it as being in a big plaza with people who are ready to buy. Instead of each customer going up to each brand and starting a conversation, brands are now interacting with customers and creating an ongoing conversation. It feels like a personal relationship. It changes the way people feel about brands entirely.

It's made our jobs easier. Our older customers, who may not be experienced with chatbots and Facebook, find the Octane AI bot easy to interact with. It's just really cool!

With Octane AI, we are able to recreate the in-store experience that you'd get with a store like Nordstrom. Chatbots do a great job with making customers feel like they're involved with the brand."

Final Q: Would you recommend Octane AI to a friend?

"Absolutely. The customer support alone is worth it. We wouldn't trust any other bot. It's made our jobs easier and we love it. I even tell people to switch from other bot platforms to Octane AI because it's so great."

P.S. Did you know Primary Goods has an office dog named Lacey? Here's Octie hanging out with Lacey!

octie primary goods lacey

What's Next?

Primary Goods is just one example of Shopify merchants having success with Messenger marketing because of Octane AI. You can read about other merchants having success with Octane AI here: Octane AI Success Stories

You can start having success with Octane AI in just a matter of minutes. If you are not using Octane AI for Shopify yet, get started with our 30 day free trial by clicking the button below.  


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