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"Octane AI has enabled us to talk to over 10,000 of our customers and has grown our revenue online by about 14%" ~ Jordan Schau

Pure Cycles was founded with one mission in mind: to get more people on bikes, and the company's founders Jordan Schau, Austin Stoffers and Michael Fishman take this mission very seriously.

The three childhood best friends started the company in 2010, and have since grown it into a multi-million dollar enterprise. They got their start by selling bikes for college kids out of their garage. Fast forward to today and their bikes are sold in over 500 bike shops all over the United States. Long gone are the garage days as Pure Cycles now operates out of a 20,000 square foot warehouse in Burbank, California as well as an international distribution location in the Netherlands. 

They are proud to have built a great relationship with their customers and are constantly asking for feedback from their many loyal fans. They have used Octane AI to help answer the many common questions that a customer has before making the decision to purchase a bike. 

"More and more customers are getting used to communicating with some sort of automation software. Whether that's Alexa or Siri or Google, people are more comfortable with it and it's kind of expected now," notes Jordan. 

"I'm really excited about the future of conversational commerce."

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