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We just added even more to our Klaviyo integration. 

Octane AI now syncs with Klaviyo to allow you to send more cart abandonment and browse abandonment emails to recover lost sales.

What is the Octane AI and Klaviyo Integration?

With the Octane AI and Klaviyo integration, you're able to sync data collected from Octane AI into Klaviyo. This allows you to use customer information or customer activities that are collected from Octane AI in your Klaviyo flows. With more data, you have the power to better segment and personalize your email flows across Messenger and Email.

For example, if someone has placed an order after receiving an abandoned cart message on Messenger, send them an extra cart abandonment email! This is because you know this customer is more receptive to cart abandonment messaging.

With the Klaviyo and Octane AI integration, you can also split messaging if a user has or has not taken certain actions. For example, if someone has or hasn't clicked on their abandoned cart message on Messenger. Shown within Klaviyo here:

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 3.56.54 PM

How to Send Cart and Browse Abandonment Emails when Octane AI Identifies the Customer

With different channels to opt-in for marketing communications, customers may be opted-in to Messenger but not yet to email. With Octane AI's integration with Klaviyo, you're now able to send cart and browse abandonment emails from Klaviyo if only Octane AI knows the customers email and identifies them on your store.

This means that when someone visits your store and has sent their email into Octane AI or has accepted marketing through Shopify checkout, they're eligible to receive Browse and Cart Abandonment emails through Klaviyo. 

For someone to be able to receive cart and browse abandonment from Klaviyo after being identified by Octane AI, these flows have to be created and turned on within Klaviyo. 

Send Customers More Personalized, Revenue Generating Messaging

By enabling the Klaviyo integration and using the data sent in from Octane AI, you're able to create personalized and segmented flows across Messenger and Email. 

Get Started Today

Start sending customers well segmented flows across channels and have more customers eligible to receive cart and browse abandonment emails through Klaviyo.

To get started, follow the steps below:

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