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Articles on Announcements

Octane AI Launches Conversational Facebook Ads

Ben Parr   |    21, May 2019

Announcing Octane AI for SMS

Ben Parr   |    09, May 2019

Octane AI's Octie Chosen To Be Sent To Space for First Contact With Extraterrestrial AI

Octane AI   |    01, Apr 2019

Acquire New Messenger Followers with Global Facebook Comments and the Add to Cart Pop-up

Taran Soodan   |    28, Mar 2019

Re:amaze + Octane AI: Easily Handle Customer Messages from Facebook Messenger

Taran Soodan   |    20, Mar 2019

New Features: Order Status Opt-in, Redesigned Dashboard and More

Taran Soodan   |    21, Feb 2019

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