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Articles on Announcements

New Features: Order Status Opt-in, Redesigned Dashboard and More

Taran Soodan   |    21, Feb 2019

Smile + Octane AI: Increase Referrals and Get More Customers

Taran Soodan   |    30, Jan 2019

New Feature: Smart Responses AI - Automate Customer Support for Shopify with Facebook Messenger

Taran Soodan   |    08, Jan 2019

Announcing New Features To Help You Make More Sales With Facebook Messenger

Taran Soodan   |    19, Dec 2018

Justuno + Octane AI: Collect And Convert More Email and Facebook Messenger Opt-Ins

Taran Soodan   |    29, Nov 2018

Privy + Octane AI: Automatically Grow Email and Facebook Messenger Opt-Ins

Taran Soodan   |    27, Nov 2018

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