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You’ve probably heard the news by now that lists are an incredibly dynamic tool for segmenting and targeting Messenger content out to your followers. ✔

But you might not have had the time to play around with lists yet, and discover all of the unique ways they can add value to your campaigns. With just a few strategic tweaks, you can optimize lists for maximum impact.

Not sure what Lists are? Read this.


Read on for all the things you probably should (but don’t yet!) know about list optimization.


Secret #1: Lists may be generated automatically OR manually

Okay, this is not so much a secret as just a really cool upgrade to existing list functionality, but if you’ve only been using lists automatically, secret’s out! You can create a manual list, too.

Automatic lists are the kind that generate followers while you’re doing whatever it is you do all day and night (🤔), and all you have to do is define the list and how it’s generated.

Manual lists, on the other hand, are lists that you define, and the only way to add followers to a manual list is for you to manually add them one-by-one, by name.



Manual lists may be great for sending messages out to people who follow you on Messenger but who you’ve segmented elsewhere, perhaps. They’ll allow you to curate special lists of people to target based on any criteria you can imagine.

Automatic lists, on the other hand, will generate new members automatically, based on specific user behavior within Messenger--like tapping/clicking a button or following your bot.

Learn more about automatic versus manual lists here.


We’re going to be discussing automatic lists for the remainder of this article, but don’t let that stop you from playing around with custom curating some manual lists, too. ✍


Secret #2: You’ve got to plan ahead

There’s arguably no better way to segment your users than to use an automatically-generated list. But in order to take full advantage of a list’s ability to segment users based on their button clicks, you’ve got to be thinking of lists as you create your button, NOT after people have already been tapping it.

Why, you ask?

Lists will only start to capture and segment users based on their button clicks when you tell it to. And if you create a list from a button click after followers have already interacted with the convo, none of those previous taps before the list was created will be captured.



As a general rule, as soon as you finish writing a convo, welcome message, or drip message that contains buttons, review those buttons for segmentation opportunities and ask yourself: should I create lists for some of these buttons, just in case I decide I want to target people who tap them?

Then do it. ✊


Secret #3: By buttons, we mean two different things

So, automatic lists are amazing and you understand the need to plan ahead, but what on earth do we mean when we say buttons?



We’re talking about two types of buttons here: a reply button that you write within a Convo, which looks like this:



AND, we’re talking about a button that contains a link that you create (which could be inside a convo or drip campaign), and looks like this:



If you were previously only creating lists from reply buttons, rejoice that you now know you can create a list from both types of buttons that you create. 🔴


Secret #4: Anti-lists are powerful, too

If you need more reason to ensure you write your buttons with lists in mind, consider the power of anti-lists in your segmenting scheme.

Rather than solely setup lists for people who you DO want to target at a later date, you can also use lists to identify fans or customers who you WON’T want to target for a certain reason.

For example, maybe you want to send a coupon for hawaiian shirts out to people via a Broadcast, but it’s a huge discount, and you only want to send it out to people who told you in a previous convo that they LOVE hawaiian shirts. So, in your convo, you asked if people loved hawaiian shirts, and for the “yes” reply button, you created a “loves hawaiian shirts” list.



Now, your instincts may not tell you to also create a list for people who tap “nope,” called “doesn’t love hawaiian shirts.” But maybe you still should!



Well, the thing about intelligent segmentation, of course, is that it converts at crazy high rates. The more options you have to pinpoint exactly what types of things your audience is (or isn’t!) interested in, the better odds you’ve created for yourself that they will give you their attention and buying power.

So, the next time you decide to Broadcast folks about your new line of polo shirts...maybe you’ll target the “doesn’t love hawaiian shirts” crowd in your messaging just to show you’re only delivering the kind of content they’re interested in. 🎁




Secret #5: Your best Broadcasts and Drip Campaigns need a List

Finally, if you are sending out frequent broadcasts and drip campaigns and haven’t yet created your first list, you might be, as they say…doing it wrong.



Broadcasts and drip campaigns are excellent features for sending out content to your Messenger base. But if you’ve been sending all your messages out to all of your followers, without understanding their user behavior or interests, you might risk annoying a lot of those followers with irrelevant content.

By intelligently using one or more lists in each of your broadcast and drip campaigns, you’ll likely start to see your view and click-thru rates rise, and your unsubscribe rates drop.

So start putting these secrets to work right away. 💫



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