Facebook Messenger broadcasts are the new email newsletter. Are you looking to increase the amount of people reading and converting from your brand’s Facebook Messenger Broadcasts?

It’s common to see higher stats for your brand’s first Broadcasts than later ones, as the novelty of brand notifications on Messenger can wear down a bit overtime. However, that drop-off does NOT need to happen. Follow these tips to start (and keep!) sending effective Broadcast campaigns. 

Tip #1: Be You 

This first tip may be the most important one of all: your fans and customers want to hear from you. Your brand. So you do you!

Practically speaking, "being you" in your Broadcasts means using your brand's voice to connect with fans in a conversational way. Take a look at your company's internal style guide for inspiration, or harness the personality from your brand's social media, website copy, customer service language, and advertising assets and copy. This will give you a strong compass for finding just the right authentic voice and tone to use in your Broadcasts.

Then ask yourself: what do my fans or customers expect from me? What kinds of punctuation, emojis, colors, attitude, humor, or images have they come to expect from your brand?

And then give it to them (in brief!) in your Broadcasts.

Tip #2: Be Quiet 

Have you ever had someone shout “SALE ON T-SHIRTS THIS WEEKEND ONLY!!! 25% OFF!!!” at you in your ear?

Probably not, because you’d find it really off-putting.

The same could be said for screamy Messenger notifications. Your followers use Facebook Messenger as a conversational medium, and aren’t accustomed to loud, alarming push notes. Try turning the volume down on your Broadcasts, and you may find that more of your message gets heard.

As you can see in the example above, you can still convey excitement in your broadcasts without resorting to an all-caps or extra-exclamation-points situation. Consider the ways you might share big news with your friends over text, and employ those same conversational techniques in your broadcasts.

Tip #3: Be Conversational 

You may have noticed (and we may have mentioned it two paragraphs ago), but Messenger is a conversational product. While you may love the ease of the general broadcast announcement, the truth is that a one-off statement about your brand, from your brand, is not the ideal piece of content to distribute on Messenger.

Your fans, followers, or shoppers on Facebook Messenger are used to actively engaging in the chat experience. So rather than passively announce the “when” and “what” of your weekend sale, include your followers in the experience with some friendly conversation.

Did you know that you can send a convo out to your followers via Broadcast? It’s quick, easy, and the engagement rates for Convo-based broadcasts are significantly higher on average compared to general ones.

Tip #4: Be Choosy 

If you’ve found that your broadcast views have declined over time--even as your follower base has grown--it may be wise to evaluate your Broadcast’s timing and impact. 

Consider becoming more selective regarding the frequency and audience of your Broadcast before you send it out en masse, by asking yourself the following questions:

Have I already sent a Broadcast to my followers about this specific campaign?

If the answer’s yes, you may want to hold off on that Send Broadcast button for now. Your views may drop significantly if your notifications are too frequent. Try to touch base with your fans occasionally instead of often, and you’ll find your base will be more receptive to what you have to say.

Do I need to send this Broadcast to all my fans or is there a way that I can segment my audience?

Targeted messages are dramatically more powerful than general blasts. If you’re sending a Broadcast to alert fans to the end of a limited promotion, for example, think about separating the message by time zone to achieve peak relevancy.

Hope these tips help!

Remember, no two brands are alike, and what works for your Broadcasts might vary widely for a different company. Always feel free to experiment! Just keep your eye on those Dashboard analytics to ensure top results.

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