Have you noticed that since you joined Octane AI, your Facebook page’s Inbox is suddenly a lot more popular than it used to be?

Well, that’s because you’re on Facebook Messenger now, and so are your fans/customers. And while many of those Inbox messages may have been sparked because someone clicked the “Send Message” button on your Facebook page, some or most of those messages might be from people who have never even visited you on Facebook.

Those people aren’t messaging your Facebook page -- they’re on Messenger, engaged in a chat experience with your bot.

This is a good thing! 🎈



It may seem overwhelming at first, but that flood of attention in your Facebook page’s Inbox is actually a great sign that your customers are eager to say “hey” to you on Messenger.

Many of those messages were likely sparked because a customer received an abandoned cart notification, or viewed their order status on Messenger. It’s only natural they’d also try to chat with you there, too.

But hey, don’t worry--you DON’T have to reply to each of those messages individually.

That’s what Trained Responses are for! 🎊



Here’s how to get started with Trained Responses.

If you click into your Octane AI Dashboard and select Customers at the top, you’ll land on the Trained Responses page. Here you’ll find a list of “Messages Your Bot Doesn’t Have An Exact Match For,” which is actually a list of messages that you’ve likely already seen scrolling through that Facebook page Inbox.



Within Octane AI, though, you can click on each of those messages, and train your bot to respond to them for you. (Pro Tip: the words “stop” or “unsubscribe” will probably be one of the first you’ll want to train a response for, by linking to your Notification Preferences.)

Learn how to train your bot’s responses here 

But don’t stop there! Once you begin to look over these messages and start to train your responses, common themes will appear. You’ll wish you had some sort of automated FAQ setup in Messenger to address recurring messages about discount codes or shipping times.

Well, wish no more. Just click on the Convo Recommendations tab in the Customers screen, and this is where you can begin to recommend specific Convos to people based on their messages.



Learn how to use Convo Recommendations here

If you’ve read this far and decided that Trained Responses still seem like too much trouble, let’s also make one super important thing clear:

You can setup one Trained Response to rule them all. 🙀



That’s right! Here are 3 easy steps to do it:

In the Trained Responses screen, scroll down to the section marked “Messages Your Bot Understands,” and click on the grey “Any Unrecognized Message” button.



2. In the popup, uncheck the box next to “Disable Unrecognized Auto Response.”



3. Click on the heart emoji, and edit this message so that it can serve as a response for ANY message someone might type in to you on Messenger. Here’s an example:



And with that, you’ve just ensured that every message sent to you on Messenger gets a response that directs to the right resource.

Fret no more that your Facebook page Inbox overfloweth. You’ve got Trained Responses all set to tackle them moving forward. 🚀

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