In case you missed it, stores today have already begun to massively increase their revenue with Facebook Messenger marketing. It's happening fast, and the returns are very high.

But guess what--marketing on Messenger can do a whole lot more than improve your store’s immediate ROI. If you play your cards right, installing a bot on Facebook Messenger can garner you loyal customers for life.

Are you interested in winning over customers for the long haul? Then you best keep them happy. Keep reading to find out why you’re behind on customer delight without Messenger marketing. 

Customers are delighted by convenience

It’s a fast-moving world out there, and your customers will leave you behind in the dust if your store isn’t providing convenient service inside the chat app they use most.

What’s worse--customers not only WANT convenience, they expect and demand it. The truth is that your competitors have already jumped on the Messenger marketing bandwagon and are providing immediate, helpful service to their customers.

You can bet that a good portion of your customer base not only knows that they can get convenient service fast and easy on Facebook Messenger from certain brands, but they’re disappointed when they find out a brand they know and love isn’t offering it.

In a nutshell: you are letting your customers down and giving them a reason to shop elsewhere if you can’t meet their convenience expectations on Facebook Messenger.

Customers are delighted by immersion

Life is internet. Internet is life.

Well, not yet maybe, but as we enter 2018 and get deeper and deeper into the worlds of AI, VR, and AR, you can expect customers to be on the lookout for immersive shopping experiences that blur the line between the physical and digital.

How does this relate to your store and Messenger?

Customers don’t just think of your store as a website, or a brick-and-mortar storefront, or an Instagram ad, or a TV commercial, or a customer service rep. They’re immersed in all those things, and they think of you as all those things combined.

You know what else your customers can start to think of you as? A helpful resource. A fun shopping buddy. A trusted friend.

Customers want to be immersed in a digital shopping experience that makes them feel like they are making good decisions, having fun, and that the overall experience is one that they can count on. 

You know where to go by now to create this kind of immersive shopping experience: Messenger.

Customers are delighted by personalization

Above all else, maybe, the customers of today and tomorrow want a personalized shopping experience.

If you sell blue belts and red purses and a customer is really interested in one of those things from you and not the other, they expect you to know that. If a customer buys from you in December every year and not at any other time, they expect you to know that.

Why? Because marketing data and campaigns have gotten super powerful and specific in the last few years, and customers have taken notice.

Whether they’re conscious of it or not, your customers have gotten used to intelligent retargeting. They’ve become accustomed to seeing ads that somehow speak directly to them.

If you’re not on Facebook Messenger, then you aren’t providing a seamless, personalized marketing experience to a whole world of potential customers. 

And those customers will be more than happy to find that experience elsewhere if you don’t provide it. So, if you’re not already delighting customers with Messenger marketing yet, what are you waiting for? Now is never too late to start. 

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